CAKE UP: The best you can have!

Pakistan’s Leading Biscuit Manufacturer EBM Steps Into a New Food Category With the Launch of “Peek Freans Cake Up” 

Peek Freans’ iconic Pied Piper has become a household name over the years. After almost five decades, several best-selling products and millions of satisfied cravings, Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited steps into a new food category as they launch their latest brand ‘Peek Freans Cake Up’ - a centre-filled wholesome cupcake range with real goodness inside.

Peek Freans Cake Up comes in four real and diverse flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel and Double Chocolate. These deliciously soft, moist and fresh cupcakes come with a twist — a luscious centre-filled surprise comprising of real fillings of strawberry pulp, caramel and cocoa.
At this occasion, Dr Zeelaf Munir, Managing Director and CEO of EBM, said “for over 50 years we have served the nation by giving them nutritious wholesome biscuits. Keeping in line with…
Miraculous for Suger Patients Water is blessing of Almighty Allah for all creatures on earth. About 60% of the
human body consists of water. Ladies and Gentlemen today’s media launching will
educate the audience about yet another Miracle of Allah in the form of Vanadium.
Vanadium is trace metal similar to Calcium and Magnesium. Human body normallycontains 20-25 mg of Vanadium. Vanadium deficiency results into innumerable
diseases which include diabetes, high cholesterol, arterial sclerosis, infertility,
obesity, pancreatic dysfunction, osteoporosis, skin diseases and cancer. Vanadium is
found in Dill seeds, black pepper, seafood and others.

Mr. Kitta, President of Vital Micro Amount Mineral Laboratory Japan conducted
astonishing study on extraordinary healthy long life of residents of Honshou Island
near Mt. Fuji Japan. Research concluded that Vanadium found in natural mineral
water of Honshou Island is the basic reason of their healthy long life. Vanadium
Mineral Water…

The Great Legend JJ

Early Life: Junaid Jamshed: A multi talent personality, Pakistani recording artist, television personality, fashion designer singer, preacher born in the city of lights Karachi on 3 September 1964. For early education he was sent to an international boarding high school in Saudi Arabia. He Belonged to a patriotic family, His father was a group captain in Pakistan Air Force. JJ's wish was to join the Pakistan Air Force to become a fighter pilot but he was unable to because of his weak eyesight. He completed his mechanical engineering. In 1990 From University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.

Musical Career:Later in 80's he joined the vitel signs band as a lead singer and started performing in different parts of the country after having secured a place in the underground music industry in Islamabad and Lahore. after this success they launched their first album which was Vital Signs (i), that was released on 14 August 1987, nationwide and aired on PTV. "Dil Dil Pakistan

Outfitters Sale

Hey there! hope you all are doing well :) Today i am Going to talk about a brand called outfitters because i couldn't resist after watching the sale the quality and the attraction that brand has into it. So lets Get started.

Mega Eid Sale:As Eid arrives people rushes to market for the best and eye touching outfits to wear on and look awesome at the Eid day as its an amazing and cheerful occasion, as well as they head towards the places where they could find some reasonable and cheaper wears, because no one loves an empty pocket! everybody love to save some of there money. Outfitters is so awesome that it cares about you and offers you discounts right upto half the prices, is-int it amazing.Variety:Outfitters is offering huge variety for his costumers this Eid, Each and every Wear they have is eye touching and so much amazing that you couldn't resist buying them whether its for ladies gent or for kids! all of category can be found here. 

FitKids: of-course every family has kids a…

Karachi innovates

The Karachi Innovation Challenge & Hacakthon is an event of Pakistan Innovation Foundation held every year in Karachi to promote the new citizenship idea and startups which can create a better more smarter and productive Karachi. This helps young citizens of Karachi to develop new innovative ideas. The tagline “Ijaad Kar, Nakaal na Kar..” states clearly that new, inspiring ideas will be taken in notice.

DIY Citizenship - Citizen-initiated and run 'Do it Yourself' Initiatives aimed at addressing Karachi's problems in a variety of contexts (education, health, waste collection, economic empowerment, de-radicalization, etc.)
Creative Human Spaces - The Use of Creative Spaces designed to culture, art, storytelling and other creative endeavors to create a humane and harmonious City (things like T2f and others)
 Smart City - Technology-driven interferences to help create a smart and intelligent city that brings relief to and works for its citizens rather than vice versa
 Trusted …

Cinepax Cinema Launch

Cinepax Launches its New Cinema in Hyderabad
Cinepax Cinemas, Pakistan's favorite cinema chain has announced the opening of their 11th cinema location Nationwide in Hyderabad, Boulevard Mall on main Auto Bahn Road.

The new 3D cinema is powered by the mighty 7.1 Dolby surround sound packing a whopping 50 feet wide screen to tantalize your senses, the cinema has 5 screens and a seating capacity to accommodate 850 people at one time, featuring premium cinematic experiences of Silver, Gold and Platinum class seats. Cinepax Cinemas promises to offer its patrons an enjoyable family & friendly movie experience.

“The opening of this new cinema is the source of entertainment for the local residents. The goal is to not just be the biggest cinema chain of Pakistan, but to also provide quality service and the best cinematic experience to our patrons.” said, Hashim Raza, CEO Cinepax.

Cinepax has always brought forth cinematic innovations at par with the world to share with our loyal pat…


Azadifest16’ Celebration of Independence Day

Azadifest16’; a production of Reactivate is a three day event to celebrate Independence is all set to take place on 12th, 13th and 14th August at Frere Hall, Karachi.

Azadifest16’ has been conceptualized and designed for every Patriotic Pakistani. It is the celebration of Independence and it carries a good balance between the rich cultures of Pakistan. The event features flag hoisting ceremony along with a special National Anthem performance, food stalls where people can enjoy diverse range of cuisine, theatre on the famous play “Class” written by the legendary Anwar Maqsood and a live performance by Ali Azmat will enhance the experience of the attendees. Beautiful Independence Day merchandise will also be displayed for sale along with glow in the dark face painting.

“Azadifest16’ has been carefully and enthusiastically designed for every Pakistani no matter from which background they come from. This festival is an attempt to rejuvenate the ha…